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In QSmart Limited customers have the flexibility to operate using the same leverage and margin requirements from 1:100 to 1:500 depending on the type of account.

The margin is the amount of guarantee to cover any credit risk arising during your trading operations.

The margin is expressed as a percentage of the position size and the reason to have funds in your trading account is to ensure sufficient margin. As an example, a $1,000,000 position requires a minimum deposit of $10,000.

So that you can open new operations, the margin on your trading account must be equal to or greater than 100%, otherwise, the new operations will result in your trading account being completely covered.

To use leverage means that you can trade with more funds than those you actually have in your trading account. The amount of leverage is calculated as a ratio, e.g. 1:100, 1:200, 1:500.

Assuming the client has $20,000 in his or her trading account, using a leverage of 1:100, the client would operate with $200,000--can you imagine being able to multiply the funds you have on your trading account by 100 and operate with that great number?

With QSmart Limited you can enjoy a short-term credit allocation whenever you operate with margin: this allows you to buy an amount exceeding the value of your account. Without this credit allocation, you could only buy or sell tickets for a value of $1,000.

Depending on the type of account you open in QSmart Limited, you can choose the leverage on a scale of 1:100 up to 1:500. The margin requirements do not change during the week, nor do they increase during the night or on weekends. In addition, in QSmart Limited you have the option to request increasing or decreasing the leverage chosen.