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Contracts for difference (CFDs)

The Contracts for Difference (CFD) allow the operator to open a position on the future value of an asset both upward and downward; the operator accepts a CFD at the quoted price and the difference between the initial price and the closing price is what is called "Contract for Difference" or CFD.

CFD trading gives you the opportunity to operate in thousands of financial markets without the need to invest large amounts to start because they are leveraged products, which means that to open the position you only need a small deposit with a greater market exposure. The main advantage of leverage is that it allows the operator to get more out of his or her capital and diversify its portfolio.

CFD trading gives the operator the possibility of having influence on the market 24/7--being an Over the Counter (OTC) market, CFDs can be operated at any time of the day.

These factors make it an ideal instrument for trading or short-term investment.

It is a simple choice to operate the change in price of several instruments, with leverage and immediate execution of stocks, indices, raw materials or commodities.

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